YOUR INNER FISH - axis syllabus 

Monday & Tuesday 9.30 - 11.30 with Antoine Ragot

365 millions years ago, some brave fish tried for the first time to hang out on land… And then what? 

The evolutionary perspective helps us to track anatomical function and critical mechanisms involved in locomotoric patterns and thus sheds a fascinating light on our pursuit of investigating the contemporary human moving body.


BONE MAKING LAB - working with modeling clay

Monday 17.45 - 19.15

Diving into tactile and creative ways to understand structural and bone design.


KINETIC ECHOES - axis syllabus

Wednesday & Thursday 9.30 - 11.30 with Baris Mihci

Kinetic energy can be described as an available force that can be used for movement. The moment we let body parts drop, slide or release we create kinetic potential for movement. This energy can be stored in elastic tissue or channelled though the body into different directions for more or less efficient movement choices. This workshop will offer practises and different applications on how to maximise the use of kinetic energy by understanding the laws of creation, conservation and loss of kinetic energy.


FULL PRESENCE AHEAD - biodynamic craniosacral skills/ improvisation

Monday 11.45 - 13.15 with Nicole Berndt-Caccivio

In this intervention Nicole will give a short introduction into craniosacral anatomy tuning into the subtle qualities of touch, rhtyms and presence characteristic for this approach. She will lead us into giving and receiving which transforms into body-and mind-improvisations in and out of different tides. "All is happening in the same moment: stillness and movement!"


LOOSE LEAF / WHAT GOES UP MUST GO DOWN- axis syllabus / repertory study

Monday - Thursday 15.30 - 17.30 with Frey Faust

Repertory Class using movement material from the piece “Loose Leaf”, a choreographic study of death. 

Music: Glen Gould's version of “The Goldberg Variations”. 


things fall apart, so that other things can be made

falling sets energy free, energy to destroy and create

death reveals the essential: economy of gesture, ligamental lines, the grid of bones

time to mourn the loss and defeat of all initiative

taking time to celebrate the living for momentary triumphs


Life is punctuated by several stations, the most obvious and threatening one being its end. Since it is an inevitable pulse in the symphony of organic life, wouldn't it make more sense to study the qualities and image of that last acceleration into the unknown, accept and even appreciate, instead of shying away? In this workshop, we will look at and practice movements that have been extracted from a study of death, and use these motifs in a choreographic structure that allows us to speak about our own experience without words.



FELDENKRAIS WALKStrolling around Uferstudios

Tuesday 11.45 - 13.15 with Katja Münker


Walking is the most common manner of human locomotion and it is always more than just changing location. The act of walking is both an act of cognition and of creation. The first aesthetic actions, also dance, were developed from walking.


We will listen and follow a pre-registered Feldenkrais-session, which is particularly designed for the practice in walking. It is a framework for the individual exploration and de-construction of walking.

Please download the soundtrack and come with your prepared device + earplugs:

(There will be a few MP3 players for people without portable audio player.)


The walk will take place in all weathers. Please wear proper shoes and clothes.

Start + end: Uferstudios yard


INQUIRE WITHIN - yoga / axis syllabus

Tuesday & Thursday 17.45 - 19.15 with Diana Thielen

In this two part class we will look at Gandhian svadhyaya which can be understand as the practice of self-rule and inquiry. With this in mind we attempt to explore big themes such as authenticity, integrity and divergence within an ancient practice.


SENSING IN / SENSING OUT - interactive lecture / improvisation

Wednesday 11.45 - 13.30 with Claudia Tomasi

The Axis Syllabus has been one of the most influential components in my movement and dance training. Within this exchange session I would like to share some of my latest questions and perceptions concerning the relationship between my training and performative practices. How does body/movement/dance training influence the way in which we dive into performative states? How does it influence our way to look, sense and feel? 

I will not propose any specific movements, but instead ask everyone to rely on their own interests and material. We will use framed improvisation as a tool of our own research. We will try, step by step, find out how the tools offered by the Axis Syllabus can influence, inspire, support lead or eventually limit us in our performative practices.


RECOIL INTO RHYTHM - axis syllabus / folk dances

Thursday 11.45 - 13.30 with Galiya Tzur

Using some motifs extracted from Israeli folk dances and working with their relation to rhythm we will wander through and wonder about our body's elastic potential.


NOSTALGIA FOR THE LIGHT - movie screening

Wednesday 17.45 - 19.15 with an introduction by Christos Galanis

“Those who have a memory are able to live in the fragile present moments. Those who have none don’t live anywhere.”
Nostalgia For The Light is a deeply provocative meditation on the nature of time, bones, memory, and light. Set in the Atacama desert of Chile - the driest desert in the world - director Patricio Guzmán makes visible the poetics between the heaven-oriented telescopes arrayed in this desert amidst the bones of the disappeared of the Pinochet regime. Astronomers search the stars above for answers to the nature of existence itself, while down below, grieving family members sift through sand with their bare hands in hopes of uncovering a trace of their loved ones; an obsessive search for their bones, formed from the calcium forged in the explosive death of stars long gone.

Nostalgia for the Light (Spanish: Nostalgia de la Luz)  documentary released in 2010 by Patricio Guzmán


THE POLYRHYTHMIC BODY - axis syllabus / music

Friday , Saturday 10.00 - 12.00  Sunday 12.00 - 14.00 with Francesca Pedulla & Lorenzo Gasperoni

The polyrhythmic body springs from the desire to merge the inherent wisdom of tradition and the latest studies in somatic practice and biomechanics with the modern techniques of electronic music, in the belief that ancient and current performative practices can communicate with and enrich each other.

We aspire to facilitate a profound intimacy between live music and the moving body, and suggest ways in which both can assist in the gathering of skill and awareness, as well as engender and enhance creative expression.


ALCHEMY FOR 3 - axis syllabus / CI & partnering

Friday , Saturday 13.30 - 15.30  Sunday 15.45 - 17.45 with Kira Kirsch

alchemy = a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

In this three part workshop we will work mostly in the constellation of trios, exploring and tuning into the specific speed of attention, timing as well as increased sensory input that relating to two partners brings. By taking what we usually explore on our own such as anatomical focus, choreography or rhythmic pattern into trio work we will build techniques, tactics and comfort for improvising and dancing in this maybe less practiced constellation. 


THE ART OF WAITING & ACCELERATING - interactive lecture

Friday 15.45 - 17.15 with Jörg Hassmann


DYNAMIC EXPANSION - contemporary dance / cranio sacral

Sunday 10.00 -12.00 with Shannon Cooney

The dance practice, Dynamic Expansion , created by Shannon Cooney, is a somatic practice connecting with the physical phenomenon of the Craniosacral (C/S) system, and dancing through improvisational forms with this base rhythm. Techniques are introduced to tune into this profound rhythm and go directly and deeply into states of calm, self-witnessing. The techniques evolve to incorporate fully physical, energetic and subtle dance forms that are guided into improvisations both individually and with others. 

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Saturday 15.45 - 17.45

  • Informal presentation of ressources of the Axis Syllabus Research Community 

  • Teachers and speakers of the festival will be present to lightly facilitate space for individual questions and one-on-one's

  • Ideas or personal practices of participants can be proposed here and shared in different lab groups



Saturday 18.30

guided introduction & tuning with Jörg Hassmann





Francesca Pedulla
Francesca Pedulla
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Frey Faust
Frey Faust
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Your Inner Fish
Your Inner Fish
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Kinetic Echoes
Kinetic Echoes
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Full Presence Ahead
Full Presence Ahead
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Alchemy for 3
Alchemy for 3
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Kira Kirsch
Kira Kirsch
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Jörg Hassmann
Jörg Hassmann
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The Polyrhythmic Body
The Polyrhythmic Body
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