in this workshop we will be exploring voice production through the embodiment of our senses and organs. by sounding from our senses, we anchor our voices in our perception of inner and outer space. our organs give us depth and volume and are often associated with emotional states. in grounding our sense of space in the multidimensionality of the organs, we find our voices emerging from a living, vibrant fullness which can be applied to performance and expression.

Manuel Finke

i am a speech and voice artist in the field of media and theater. i work as a speech and voice coach; voice-over, dubbing, and spoken word artist; director for audio productions; lyrical and sonic poet; and queer performer.
my approach to speech and voice art developed as a result of training as a state certified breathing, speech, and voice coach (schlaffhorst-andersen method) and enhancing it with an ongoing study of different methods and with my current enrollment in the somatic movement educator program of body-mind centering®. i have years of professional teaching experience in the field of actor*actress training and i have developed the performing consciousness method which focuses on applying embodied states of consciousness into artistic context. my way of teaching is direct, joyful, and full of heart. my approach has proven effective for performers coming from different practices. i have also successfully worked with trans*-people during their voice transition.

Manuel´s Website: www.manuelfinke.com

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