Polyvagal Theory:

Pedagogical considerations for dance and movement classes


Presented by: Ashlea Watkin in dialogue with Emily Jones


Discussion around Stephen Prorges' research on the vagus nerve and it's role linking automatic regulation functions with social and emotional behaviours. Will include the sharing of fieldwork experiences that question how the Polyvagal Theory may be useful when teaching/facilitating dance and movement classes.

Ashlea Watkin is a movement educator certified by the Axis Syllabus International Research Network, she has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) specializing in Dance, and holds Masters in Occupational Therapy (MSc.OT). She has trained, performed, and taught professionally across Canada and in Europe. Recently re-located to Vancouver Island, her work investigates the interaction of scientific perspectives and theories with dynamic movement practices that aspire to foster the training of resilient bodies and opportunities for connectedness - to self, space, and other.

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