Take a moment to read about our pricing system. It might feel a little complicated but our intention is to respond to more complex and diverse situations and financial backrounds. We ask a little more of those who can to be able to support those in need. There are no "back round checks' ;) We trust your choice! We trust that your choice will balance our budget into magical numbers so that together we can create an inspiring and successful festival.

"If I pay a price I am a consumer. If I contribute, I take on me part of the responsibility for something to succeed." - Heike Pourian 

P R I C E 

                                                        regular price    tight budget      support price

FULL FESTIVAL 6 - day pass               310                 260                  385   


Day pass:                                                       55                 

Are you doing well financially at the moment, consider choosing the support price as it helps filling the gaps for those that can pay less.

COVID 19 regulations at EDEN****


All participants must present an official DAILY negative Covid-19 test result to the workshop leader or appropriate vaccination status or evidence of recovery. Testing in Berlin costs between 11 - 18 Euros.


We do not provide or coordinate accommodation!
However there are a limited number of rooms available at the beautiful renovated old villa attached to the EDEN*****studios. Please contact this email address for more information and bookings: rooms@dock11-berlin.de

Be aware that Berlin is very huge and spread out city. For your own comfort look for staying not too far from the festival site. 

to register please fill out the registration form. 



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