Prepare for landing

strategies for a soft yet strong single-leg land


Stepping off the bus and landing from a grand jete, both require the ability of safely landing on one leg.

The practice of single-leg jumps and lands can provide functional improvements in both activities of daily living and dance-sport performance. 

Despite the benefits of training with jumps, such as strength building and proprioception sharpening, there may be a correlation with musculoskeletal injuries due to the high intensity of the movement and corresponding compression forces on the joints and muscles. 

In our two classes, we will look for principals and ways to take care of our joints and soft tissues, while strengthening and moving freely through a jump-and-land practice.

LAB / PRACTICE: Literature review


Literature reviews are a basis for research in nearly every academic field. From reading the scientific literature written on a topic, researchers can learn what is already known and decide what it is they are going to research next.

In this session, we will get to know some of the topics researched in the field of biomechanics regarding single leg lands.

We will practice scientific thinking and will get to know some of the research tools available in this field. 

This presentation is complementary to the "Prepare for landing" classes but is open also to those who have not taken them, all are welcome.

Galiya Tzur (IL) is movement artist, teacher and researcher. 

Galiya teaches at the Jerusalem music and dance academy and at the GufAdam dance program. She has a teaching diploma and a B.A in Dance and is studying towards her masters degree in movement and sports science.

Galiya performs regularly in a physical-theater piece at the 'Na Laga'at theater' and in 'Pangea' - a dance piece.

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