The workshop focuses on the structure and phases of the ritual as a shareable and performative act. Space, objects, repetition, rhythm, gesture, the body and the voice become tools of evocation, portals of connection and access to collective memory. These processes continue to move from the individual to the collective and vice versa and although structured, they serve as guided contexts for spontaneity. Our investigation will revolve around these fundamental questions: What gives us a sense of belonging? How does the ritual manifest itself in contemporary society? Is it possible that ancient and current performance practices can enrich each other? How can we, as artists, look at the ritual and rework the wisdom that passes through the body so vividly? 

The workshop is open to all those who wish to open up to a path of research and awareness through the body in motion, the collective work of exchange, observation, reading and re-definition of relationships.

Francesca Pedullà

Dance artist, Axis Syllabus teacher and independent curator. Fascinated by human relationships and curious about successful, unsuccessful and unfinished dialogues, I make the body the subject and the object of my inquiry. Based in Berlin, but always in movement, I choreograph, perform and teach throughout Europe, Israel, the USA, Canada, Brazil and Benin.




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