I look at my body insistently, soon I will ask it to modify his structure to lose that neutrality. I will ask it to change, to expand, to grow new appendices, to be something else. (inspired by P.P Campanini)


I will share thoughts, practices, scores that I am developing in my artistic research within my artistic collective Myelin Zone. We will focus to prepare the body for encounters with “other human partners”, we will explore the concept of agency, we will enjoy shifting the borders of what we perceive as “us” and what it’s not.

Francesca Pedullà

Dance artist, Axis Syllabus teacher and independent curator. Fascinated by human relationships and curious about successful, unsuccessful and unfinished dialogues, I make the body the subject and the object of my inquiry. Based in Berlin, but always in movement, I choreograph, perform and teach throughout Europe, Israel, the USA, Canada, Brazil and Benin.

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