a playful/somatic approach to a contact improvisation community dance

hosted and facilitated by Filippo Serra    

Contact Improvisation, besides being an extraordinary physical and embodiment experience researching movement possibilities of two or more people sharing weight, now a day has been defined by someone also as a “social dance”.

My interest in this practice, in the last years, has gone further into the social and political potential that it can bring to groups of people that are sharing the same space for a certain period of time.

This is definitely connected with my research of figuring out how a movement practice can be useful for us “once we leave” the Dance Space/Dojo/Gym 

Why do we practice what we practice?

During the festival, I’ll facilitate different moments where, with various games and exercises, we will dive together into a Jam space. The Jam will allow individual expression connected with the creation of a common playground for us as a group. Are you ready to connect and have fun?

Filippo Serra

I like to define myself as a curious “mover”.

My interest is crossing the fields of martial arts, dance, training, performance and the moving body in general.

After graduating in physical education I began my studies in theatre and contemporary dance and I ended working on stage besides teaching movement to different kinds of people.

Today I'm a versatile performer who likes to mix my knowledge from different disciplines of movement.

Science and traditions are mixed in what I teach and how I move.


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