life drawing for dancers

in collaboration with movement facilitation Kira Kirsch and live music by Barnaby Tree


I believe dancers have skills that they can immediately translate into the practice of drawing.  Awareness of Space, Observation of the Body, Composition, Improvisation, Understanding of Anatomy, and Movement Experience are among some of these skills.  With a focus on the art of looking and embodiment, we can channel what we see onto paper. The session will be supported by Kira Kirsch with movement and live music by Barnaby Tree. We will rotate between roles of drawer and dancer, looking at our drawings as traces of our experience and part of a process.  




Katelyn Stiles is a filmmaker, dancer, and visual artist from California based in Berlin. Katelyn studied Art at UC Berkeley, danced professionally in different contexts, and now works in the field of film and dance.  Her films have been screened internationally in festivals, including  a dance film collaboration with Kira Kirsch and Barnaby Tree. 

Katelyn dances, creates films and drawings in the Axis Syllabus network.

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