Sensing the imperceptible


 An open lab and a debate/discussion on the theme of the conceptual and actual migrations and recombinations among bodies and technology in the creation of space.

It is conceived as an open research flux where to explore inedited ways to perceive what is invisible, not hearable, not sensible in our "common", routine's relation with the space and reality surrounding us.

This open lab is an exploration of the potential of the use of the body as a moving intelligence able to perceive, sense, generate space.

From motion capture, to body projection mapping, from bio feedback to physical computing, several will be the technological horizons and derives touched by the open discussion with the attention always open to the body as a whole intelligence in movement.


Pasquale Direse is artist and media designer, founder and director of the artistic research project

He is contract professor of media arts related subject matters in academies and universities in Italy and abroad.