Dear Festival Participants,


Sensing In is a festival born out of the wish to share with you the many perspectives that draw together the Axis Syllabus, sometimes a lense, other times a lexicon or  tool box for dance practice, movement training or anatomical understanding. The Axis Syllabus likes to escape categorization and a pinning down to what it is, yet not only confuses but inspires people and manifests in diverse applications. As the Axis Syllabus winds, wiggles, expands and moves on in yet unknown behaviours we continue to be excited to present the ongoing research and development of the teachers local to Berlin as well as invite colleagues, researchers and artists that inspire and widen the network of questions. We finish with a quote from one of this years facilitator Kevin O’Connor and hope you will enjoy the program.

Kira Kirsch & Francesca Pedullà

Festival Curation & Organisation


“This project serves as an initial examination of thinking with how these knots can be explored and teased open for their political, social, biological, mythical and cultural complexities while at the same time moving and being moved in new ways.” (O'Connor 2019)






was initiated and is curated by Kira Kirsch and Francesca Pedulla in 2014 with the wish to create opportunity for an immersion into the multiple aspects and modes of research of the Axis Syllabus. It is an initiative that aspires to build an environment where knowledge may circulate freely, information can be borrowed, shared, smuggled and where ideas can cross-pollinate.

The festival offers different formats of length and intensity to experience the diverse applications of the Axis Syllabus and invites guest teachers of other approaches and disciplines to inspire exchange and a broadening of resources.