Dear all, 


with great regret we find ourselves forced to cancel the Sensing In Festival again this year.

Sensing in has been for us and continues to be a precious moment in which to express and relate the multifaceted intuitions, questions, perspectives on what we believe is the study of the body in motion and how information can be collected and passed from one field to another.

It is also the symbol of a professional and human complicity that we have cultivated and that has grown over time .. it is our desire to warm hearts in the darkest period of the year.

The current situation is so complex that makes it impossible for us to create a welcoming home and atmosphere for our Festival. 

Although the choice was difficult, we believe that at the moment it is the least worst. 

We apologize for all the troubles that this decision of ours may cause you and we promise that we will continue to research and work to welcome you again soon.


with great affection

Francesca & Kira